Powerful Tone + Lift Treatment
$300 | 80 min.
Designed to strengthen and reorganize the skin's support structures, improving elasticity and firmness.
Ultra Effective Detox & Reduce Treatment
$300 | 80 min.
Stimulates the elimination of cellulite, toxins, and localized fatty deposits. Improves skin texture and tone while reshaping the silhouette.
Active Draining & Slimming Leg Wrap
$300 | 80 min.
Restores microcirculation and promotes tissue drainage, giving a sense of lightness and freshness to our legs. Extremely effective in fighting water retention.
Sublime Body Glow
$150 | 40 min.
A deep detox and purification treatment that exfoliates revealing soft, silky and luminous skin.


Face Lightening Treatment
$175 | 50 min.
Restores the skin's uniformity and brightness, highly effective natural super-active ingredients with lightening, illuminating and anti-aging properties.
Generous Global Anti-Age Ritual
$175 | 50 min.
Revitalizes tissues and reactivates cell functions with active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
Deep Purity Face
$175 | 60 min.
Eliminates accumulated toxins, rebalances the microbiome and illuminates and refines its appearance while restoring purity and harmony to the skin.
Soothing Sensitive Skin Treatment
$150 | 40 min.
Improves resilience and stimulates the skin’s ability to adapt and regenerate itself.
Intensive Purifying Face Treatment
$175 | 50 min.
Balances and regulates the Microbiota, increasing its freshness , brightness and beauty. Good for oily skin or skin with imperfections.
Touch & Clean
$50 | 15 min.
Luxurious treatment that protects and nourishes the skin. Ensuring a healthy, relaxed, and bright epidermis.


Luxury Custom Facial
$265+ | 80 min.
Signature Custom
$150+ | 50 min.


Spring/Summer Face & Body
$300 | 80 min.
A remineralising and soothing service that welcomes the change in season without causing trauma. Purifies the face, moisturizing it and improving brightness. Drains the body and makes it smooth while preparing the skin for tanning and helping to maintain it golden.
Fall/Winter Face & Body
$300 | 80 min.
Helps protect the body and welcome the change in season without causing trauma. It purifies the face, decongesting and nourishing the skin. It elasticizes the tissue and detoxes the body, improving microcirculation.


De-Stress Eye Treatment
$80 | 30 min.
Gives freshness and youthfulness back to the eyes. Targets fine lines, fatigue and poor circulation.
Renewing Skin Treatment
$50 | 15 min.
Prepares the skin for perfect epilation while fighting ingrown hairs making it perfectly smooth and soft.
Anti-Aging Lightening Hand Treatment
$80 | 15 min.
Removes superficial dead cells, stimulates metabolism and cellular rejuvenation for bright and younger looking skin.